What’s Cooking in Swedish Lapland

What’s Cooking in Swedish Lapland

We’re going to have some more Australian guests coming to stay with us soon, and I’ll be welcoming back my favourite gourmet girl from Melbourne, Shellie Froidevaux. In 2017 we have a new experience hosted by us with Shellie to escort guests along the culinary story of the Scandinavian Arctic.

Shellie visited us last year and learned so much about the unique culture of Lapland, and even got to work at the Aurora Safari Camp baking kanelbulle and cooking char over an open fire. We enjoyed her company so much we have invited her back to cook some more, and spend time with some of our local friends to teach our guests about the secret gourmet treats up here.

You can read more about Shellie and our special 14 day adventure, complete with reindeer herders and some very tasty reindeer recipes, by visiting her website.

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The camp is running it’s fourth year of operations, evolving into a more enriching experience and ever more sensitive to the environment we live in. The Aurora Safari Camp now more than ever reflects the pristine wilderness of the Sub-Arctic, a unique experience in Swedish Lapland. We love our place in the wilderness, our friends in the wilderness and the guests who come to share the elements.