The best activity at the camp we have found out, after running it for three full winter seasons, is to just be there. Take short walks at the frozen river and just enjoy the views and the forest. Inclued is always snowshoes, fatbikes (snow mountainbikes) nordic skis and kicksleds. Free to use at anytime during your stay.

The sauna (included) is a fantastic experience and activity as well as ice sculpturing (extra optional). Form a large block of ice from the river with pro icetools. We can also arrange more adventourous snowshoe expeditions, game drives and snowshoe treks into the forest, up the mountain or following the lake and besides the semi-frozen rapid. As well as when you visit an East African safari-camp, the environment around the camp is a great nature experience.  A Good thing here in the north is that you don’t have any animals that can cause dangerous situations, compared to Africa ;-). Just walk around in the nearby forest or in winter on the frozen icecap on the lake. We recommend you to not have a to tight programme to maximize your stay with us. The Aurora Safari Camp is a very relaxing and still intense experience just as it is.

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Included Activities

Snowshoes, nordic skis, kicksleds and fatbikes to use in the snow surroundings.



Explore the surroundings with snowshoes that are included at a camp stay.



The kicksled is an old invention and also a part of our culture in the north.



Fatbikes. Ideal to go with in the frozen tracks around the camp.


Add on activities and adventures

Ice Sculpturing



Ice sculpturing. Shape a large block of ice from the lake into art with pro icetools (optional extra activity)

Dog Sleigh tours


Isdimma Husky adventure’s team of dogs just parked in the middle of the Camp.


A “must do” though and just a great adventure is to meet up with the Siberian Husky team we work with. Isdimma Husky Adventures and Richard Carlsson. Spend a few hours playing and go along with his team of dogs on our forest- and lake trails. Overnight Husky-expeditions can be arranged, you can go upto 60 km per day. Just amazing.

Extended Snowshoe Expeditions

Longer snowshoe-treks, even with expedition tent overnight stays can be arranged.

Longer snowshoe-treks, even with expedition tent overnight stays can be arranged.


Snowmobile tours

We have our own snowmobiles and do tours with fika (something warm to drink and something sweet to eat) in the beautiful surroundings. Longer tours, halfday, fullday and multiday expeditions can also be arranged.

Snowmobiling in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobile tours in the beautiful areas in Råne River Valley

More to do in winter

Tracks and signs extended snowshoe expedition

Winter expedition with small tents

Photographic workshops and expeditions

More to do in summer

Classic canadian canoeing

Rafting and white water kayaking

Nature Treks, long and short

Photographic workshops and expeditions