Phillipe & Meena

Phillipe and Meena arrived just in time for a dash of snow and two days of sunshine. This time of year the days are short but the sun lie low across the horizon, making for beautiful conditions on the snow mobiles. Meena got friendly with the deep snow on Ranea River while Phillipe took photos 🙂





Ewen & Shellie

Shellie is new to Aurora Safari Camp but Ewen has been coming since the very beginning. They’re both photographers from Australia and are drawn to the wilderness, snow and cooking reindeer over an open fire. Ewen says the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday is the food 🙂



Mary from Australia

Sometimes we get a traveller at the camp who shines so brightly in the snow that we all get to see our home through their eyes. Mary just glowed with enjoyment each and every day. Meeting Richard and his dogs sent her over the edge, whistling along the forest trails while light snow was falling. We love you Mary!